The Power of HubSpot

Sveltos is a proud to be a HubSpot partner because we have seen its power to drive growth and success. It’s user friendly, intuitive interface makes it easy for SME’s to learn and use every day.

From creating inbound leads to increasing sales conversions, we can help you implement and make the best use of HubSpot to grow your revenue.

You can do what you previously would have thought “impossible”.

Dont guess where leads come from. Know.

Use data to drive marketing investments.  Through a combination of Hubspot auto-tagging when contacts are created and an easily enforceable sales process, you can see the source of contacts in your sales funnel.

Create Inbound Leads

Use Hubspot to increase your online presence and record all interactions.

  • Easily create a content strategy, get real time SEO suggestions and publish relevant Call To Actions based on viewers past behaviors.
  • Improve your sign up forms so that they are more engaging, increasing your enquiries.
  • Review the performance of each marketing campaign through the extensive view of interactions your customers have with your brand.
  • Keep an eye on what customers are saying about you and post replies with the social monitoring tools.
  • Easily run surveys to gauge your customer satisfaction and collect testimonials for your websites.
  • Record everything in one place, using the Hubspot CRM, giving you an amazing view of everything to do with your prospects and customers.

Increase Sales Conversion

Hubspot provides tools and training to help you win more new business.

  • Capture every interaction your contacts make with you, including what web pages they visit, and focus sales attention on the people who are most engaged.
  • Give leads a personalized path to purchase. You can queue up a number of emails that give them everything they need to become customers.
  • Create a cadence of contact, ensuring that no stone is left un-turned when following leads.
  • Easily record sales calls, and connect prospects directly to the right salesperson to build relationships and close more deals.
  • Give each lead the personal attention they need with live chat so they can interact on the website in real time.
  • Book meetings easily by selecting your availability and sending leads a link that allows them to choose a time that works for everyone.
  • Easily access online training tools to help further your understanding on how to close sales.

Sales and Marketing Automation

Improve your efficiency using Hubspot’s automation tools to improve effectiveness and efficiency chasing and closing sales.

  • Customisable reports allow you to understand and share key metrics with your team.
  • Schedule automatic emails to reply to prospects to keep them engaged, without having to monitor them manually.
  • Predictive lead scoring allows you to prioritize based on a prospects likelihood of becoming a customer.
  • Easily manage your pipeline with an easy click and drag system. Hubspot can even fill in deal records automatically.
  • Use workflows to automate manual, time consuming tasks: rotate leads, create deals, tasks and more.
  • Explore a wide range of analytics from website traffic, to lead demographics, and get up to date information about your prospects.

Are you the Hunter, or the Hunted?

Business is brutal.

Most businesses die.  The one’s that survive aren’t lucky.  The ones that thrive didn’t just fall into success.

They have been smart, diligent and resilient.

Sound like you?