Our Experience

Each Sveltos advisor has an extensive understanding of the mechanics, process and science of sales and/or marketing. Each has practised their “art” in a variety of industry sectors.

These include:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Embedded, cloud and desktop software solutions
  • IT hardware
  • Financial Services
  • Consumer Goods
  • Beverages

The breadth of industry sectors and markets we have worked in enable us to provide each client with a wider perspective on how to execute plans (the art).

However, at Sveltos we are far more than just sales and marketing experts. We have run businesses. We have managed teams. We understand the challenges that leading a business brings. When you engage our help, you get far more than “just” a sales and marketing advisor.

Meet the team

With local and international experience, our team provides deep understanding in our fields.

Cyrus Richardson


Cyrus has held senior product marketing and sales management roles in global corporates (Sony and Danaher), at one point being responsible for delivering USD800 million in annual revenue. He is an experienced business leader, having had CEO roles in consumer product, IT integration and beverage companies.

His strong international experience comes from managing several export businesses and having worked in the UK for over seven years.

Outside work, Cyrus enjoys freediving spearfishing, deer hunting and driving his kids to various events.

For more information on Cyrus’ background please check out his Linkedin profile.