Our Services


An independent view of where you are at.

A one hour session to “sense check” your current marketing strategy, growth planning, and ability to execute. During this session we will provide an overview of what we do so we can both determine if there is a need and fit for our services.

We can do this session at your office, or over a coffee.

Who wouldn’t want a free independent view of their current business strategy?

Growth Plan

You want to grow your business.

You’ve done well so far, focusing your organisation on meeting customer’s needs. But to grow revenue further you know you need to do something different.

But you are not a sales or marketing expert.

New customers, new leads, different pricing structures, new products, new sales channels, new advertising, internet marketing…. Where to start? What to do!?

What would another 10% revenue do to your profitability?
What about 20%? 50%, 100%!? How much lost revenue and lost profit would a half-hearted approach cost you?

Senior expertise will help your business grow.

We will help you develop a “first steps” sales and marketing plan and assist you to execute it. A good plan, well executed, will grow your business. Starting with a half-day session with your senior team, we will clarify the key drivers and barriers to growth in your business. We then output the results of the workshop, including our advice into a summary Growth Plan for your business or new product.

We apply the science and art of sales and marketing to determine how to grow your business.

Strategic Sales & Marketing Review

Are you maximising your opportunities?
We can conduct an independent, comprehensive review of your current sales and marketing strategy, planning and execution.

Typically a review covers:-

  • the market environment you are operating in
  • analysis of your competitive environment and your advantage
  • your business and marketing objectives
  • the strategies being employed to achieve those objectives.

We are happy to discuss narrowing, widening or deepening the review to meet your specific needs. For example, including new market potential, in-depth competitor analysis etc.

Part time Sales & Marketing Director

Your in-house growth advisor.

Many businesses have a need for strategic sales and marketing input – but do not have the funds, or the requirement for a full time person. Businesses either continue on their previous path “feeling their way” or engage expensive consultancies for specific projects.

When taking up this service, you get an expert who becomes part of your business, understanding its complexities and subtleties and sharing in the wins and challenges that you face.

As your part-time Sales and Marketing Director we will help ensure the right plans are being executed, providing expertise and managing 3rd party suppliers as required.

Public Speaking Coaching

From speech writing to coaching on presentation approach, tactics and style, we can help improve your impact when speaking to groups.

Speaking to larger audiences has the potential to impact a great number of people – make sure you nail it.

Sales Coaching/ Mentoring

Ensure your sales team are performing at their best

How much revenue have you lost because your salespeople aren’t performing at their peak?

We will improve their performance by coaching and mentoring in three key areas:

  1. Mindset. If people don’t feel on top of their game, they probably aren’t and it will impact their results.
  2. Skills. Soft and hard sales skills can be learned by anyone. Improve response rates, closing and value up selling.
  3. Process. There are ways to do things and tools to use that make a difference.

Utilise the Power of Hubspot

We use Hubspot as a method to maximise your business’s potential. Hubspot is a multi-faceted tool that is your all in one package for growth (excluding us of course!)

Hubspot offers;

  • A central place to manage contacts, conversations and deals/ tasks.
  • Conversation tools that supply feedback on how to improve your blogs and emails, and a template system to send automated replies.
  • An advanced notification system that syncs with your calendar, and lets you know when a client opens an attachment or files a ticket for assistance.
  • A feedback and a system to deploy surveys to gain a better understanding of the customer experience.
  • An easy to use drag and drop website builder.
  • Keyword and Ad analytics to maximise your exposure to potential leads.

Through Hubspot we know we can help you achieve success.